Peach Farmer


The first multi platform experience allowing you to meet Peach Stars
Peach Farmer is the first experience allowing you to meet Peach Stars during unique and entertaining events.
With media harmful representations of Peach Stars (and lack of institutional sexual education), we are facing prejudice and sexual missconception spreading through socials without control.
Peach Farmer has created a unique category combining in a single experience an online game show, digital cards collections and a contest.
You watch a game show with your favorite Peach Stars : The Peach Games. 🎬
You collect digital cards on the Peach Farmer platform to win your tickets to meet the Peach. 🍑
You earn Peachcoins while playing and watching. 💸
You get invited to live event such as The Peach Party.🤘
online + IRL experience
Last modified 2mo ago